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Road Report 1.800.561.4063

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920 Route 774

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1 Spruce St
Campobello Fire Department
3 Bunker Hill Cross Rd

Working together with the RCMP so our community may have a better understanding of the work they are doing, each and every day, they have provided The Rural Community of Campobello Island access the RCMP’s Online Crime Reporting system, as well as lots of data about the calls for service they are responding to in the areas they police. There are also direct links to important tools developed by the Government of New Brunswick.

The RCMP's New Brunswick occurrence map is a geographical representation of year-to-date occurrences in RCMP jurisdiction in New Brunswick. By selecting a community, you can see the total number of occurrences for the current calendar year in your area.

The RCMP's New Brunswick occurrence graphs provides a year-over-year trendline and top 10 occurrences in RCMP jurisdiction.

The New Brunswick RCMP daily occurrence report is a reflection of the files received and processed by the New Brunswick RCMP during a 24-hour period. The report includes the total number of calls for service, as well as a breakdown of those calls. A brief description of some calls for service is also provided. .

Online Crime Reporting gives New Brunswickers, in RCMP area of jurisdiction, an alternate way to report certain non-emergency crimes without calling the police, or visiting a detachment. The easy-to-use website guides you through a series of questions to give police information about your incident.

The Department of Justice and Public Safety developed the public safety crime dashboards to improve the understanding of police-reported crime. The dashboards provide police-reported crime information in a centralized platform that is interactive to allow the user to look at trends, patterns, and relationships by using the available quantitative data.

Every day, law enforcement agencies in New Brunswick work diligently and take action to prevent crime and make communities safer. The Department of Justice and Public Safety is working with policing agencies of jurisdiction to crimes that affect our communities. New Brunswickers can help make their communities safer by reporting crime to police and by looking out for their friends and neighbours. Using resources such as online crime reporting and alternate response units allows police to respond to non-emergency calls more quickly, and frees up police officers for urgent calls.