Campobello Island

one of the three Fundy Isles, is located in the Bay of Fundy. A special part of New Brunswick, this Canadian Island lies just off shore of the most eastern town in the US, Lubec Maine. Campobello is accessed from the mainland by the Roosevelt Campobello International Bridge or by ferry from Deer Island. 

In 1770 the entire island was granted to Capt. William Owen, who understated the size of the island to circumvent the size limit on land grants at the time. Owen renamed the island Campobello in punning honour of Lord William Campbell, who was Governor of Nova Scotia at the time. Campobello Parish later took its name from the island.


The Island was Formed

The island was originally settled by the Passamaquoddy Nation, who called it Ebaghuit.

The island was formed in 1784 when New Brunswick was partitioned from Nova Scotia


War of the Spanish Succession

Following the War of the Spanish Succession, under terms of the Treaty of Utrecht (1713), the island became part of the British colony of Nova Scotia.

In 1866, a band of more than 700 members of the Fenian Brotherhood arrived at the Maine shore opposite the island with the intention of seizing Campobello but were dispersed by British warships from Halifax.


Population Growth

By the mid-1800s, Campobello Island had a population in excess of 1,000, which grew to 1,230 by 1910.


Local Service District

The local service district of the parish of Campobello was established in 1969 to assess for community services,


Rural Community Formed

The entire parish was incorporated as the Rural Community of Campobello Island in November 2010 and the LSD dissolved. The civil parish continues to exist with the island's permanent population in 2016 at 872.